311 Solutions 

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Customer Relationship Management System (CRMS) is a state-of-the-art technology solution designed for the support of the City government’s (County) response and management of constituent services. 

This Incapsulate solution is built upon the #1 Salesforce CRM platform, which delivers robust security, scalability, and availability.  This system is designed to provide a fully configurable interface allowing a city to quickly review and address the citizen requests. 

Providing a strong foundation for any city or county to seamlessly provide citizen services and manage citizen engagement across multiple channels (phone, web, mobile, social).



Ability to launch within weeks

Manage workflow and approvals

Automated assignment and intelligent routing 

Omni-channel citizen engagement 


 Individual and business dashboards for oversight

Standardized process across all departments

Reporting on a single platform

Connect data and retire old legacy systems


Agile platform for enhanced constituent engagement

Gain insight with real-time dashboards

Access live reports anytime from multiple devices

360 degree view 

Aspects of our 311 Solution - Digitally Transform your State and Local Agency

Connecting Constituents to Services
Omni-Channel Access (e.g., phone, mobile) access for Citizens, Integration with City Departments, Field Inspectors, and Connected Devices, Open API’s to 3rd-party app provider's and the public
Platform for Emerging Innovations
Connected Devices: Internet of Things (IOT) enablement, AI: Predictive Analytics, Machine Learning, Voice Assistants & Natural Language Processing
Avoid Digital Rust
SaaS/Cloud CRM Avoids Digital Rust, Subscription model lets you pay for what you need as you go - solution modules and user licenses, Technology updates come with the platform, New features included with the subscription

311 Digital Nervous System Using Omni-Channel CRM

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311 Solutions Life Cycle

At Incapsulate, we are focused on making state and local government interactions with citizens and businesses more efficient. We create results for agencies and individuals who seek to improve the citizen experience. Using Incapsulate’s cloud platform, government agencies can automate and streamline operations to cut costs, meet the ever-changing demand for citizen services, and evolve into a more open, transparent, and collaborative organization.

Built on Salesforce, we provide the built for local government layer on top of the industry leading CRM platform. 

    • Intake 
    • Assignment & Intelligent Routing 
      • Community/Portal 
      • Contact Center 
      • Bots & Chat 
      • Email & SMS
      • AI Voice 
      • OmniScript
      • Mobile 
    • Workflow & Approvals 
      • Assignment Rules 
      • Workflow 
      • Approvals 
      • Flows 
      • Integration
    • Citizen Engagement
      • Community/Portal 
      • Contact Center 
      • Bots & Chat 
      • Email & SMS
      • AI Voice 
      • Surveys 
    • Resolution
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