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Focused on Financial Services, Public Sector, and Large Enterprise we  achieve a high return on investment for your digital transformation goal.

With our Financial Services team headquartered in Boston, and our Public Sector Team headquartered in Washington DC, we retain a portfolio of former executives from each industry as advisors to us and our clients.  We continue to recruit and invest in our talent to drive a deeper industry understanding and your business needs.   With an eye on speed and architectural elegance our clients gain value in their Salesforce centric solutions Fast. Easy. Smart.

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Incapsulate | Boston

Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner

Blaze new trails with the world’s #1 CRM Platform 

As a Salesforce Platinum Consulting partner, we help you evaluate and implement Salesforce centric solutions to meet your business objectives Fast. Easy. Smart.  In today’s technology environment, solutions often require multiple platforms to meet your needs. So Incapsulate is also a certified partner of Vlocity (now Salesforce Industries), Mulesoft, Tableau, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, ESRI, Docusign, and Box.  

We’ve tailored our Agile Deployment Methodology to support Salesforce specific implementations, cutting the time to deliver business level functionality to weeks instead of months. Our skills span the full range of Salesforce products as well as through other technology platforms to provide more complete solutions for our clients.  With over 12 years of Salesforce configuration and implementation experience.

  • 350+ Employees
  • 900+ Salesforce Certifications
  • 70+  Technical Certifications on other Clouds
  • 4.9 out of 5 Annual Customer Satisfaction Rating in 2022
Incapsulate LLC | Salesforce Platinum Consulting Partner