Analytics Cloud.

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Dive into the world of Analytics Cloud – your go-to tool for breaking down sales and service data, gaining valuable insights, and making informed decisions. This app plays well with other Salesforce buddies, like Salesforce CRM, allowing easy sharing of contact info and data insights across applications.

Picture this: a user-friendly dashboard that gives your team and partners a bird's-eye view of crucial data insights. It's not just for show – this dashboard is your command center for tracking and monitoring vital business metrics and KPIs.

And here's the cool part – Analytics Cloud is mobile-friendly! Access it seamlessly on both Android and iOS devices, keeping you in the analytical loop anytime, anywhere. Transform the way you analyze data and make decisions with Analytics Cloud! 



Ability to launch in weeks

No more hardware issues and software updates

Analytics are reliable, convenient, and get up and running quickly 

No code / low code configuration


Single Platform Delivers Value for Customers and Employees

Contextual dashboards 

Instant scalability

Maintenance free


Agile Platform 


Team collaboration

Access anywhere

Better security

Find answers, make decisions, and take action. 

Connected Applications 

Get up and running right away. No more waiting for IT to install and optimize software and hardware before you can ask questions and take action.

Faster Action 

Create a task, update a record, share insights, and more — without waiting around for legacy technology or data analysis.

Built for Speed 

Now you can instantly explore information, find insights, and take actions that help your whole team move forward.

Apps for Everyone 

Apps for Sales

Sales Analytics comes preloaded with all the lenses and dashboards you need for sales, so reps can quickly identify account white-space, and get a complete picture of the customer. And managers can see into the pipeline, track team performance, and uncover new opportunities.

Apps for Service 

Service Analytics includes dashboards and lenses that can help your whole team deliver better service. It’s embedded right into the Lightning Console, giving agents a 360-degree view of customers. And it’s the easiest way for managers to track case trends, agent efficiency, and channel optimization.

Apps for IT

With Analytics for Event Monitoring, you can view application performance, understand adoption and usage, and access security data about all your Salesforce apps. Quickly improve your overall Salesforce experience and see who's accessing critical business information.

Work on Any Device


Designed for mobile and optimized across every device, for both Android and iOS. 

Smarter Smart Devices 

From desktops to the smartwatch and beyond, analytics is now accessible across the entire spectrum of business devices. 

On-the-Go Collaboration

Get answers and share findings from anywhere. Analytics lets your entire team have a conversation about data, collaborate on answers, and present from any device.

Create intelligent experiences for your entire company with cutting-edge augmented analytics 

Data Management 

Get data management tools that connect and clean all kinds of data. 

  • Out-of-the-box connectors 
  • Self-contained ETL functionality 
  • Visual data prep 
  • Scalable, built-in data mart
  • Bring in data from any source 

No-Code AI 

Get predictions, recommendations, and more using transparent, no-code AI.

  • One-click storytelling and automated discovery
  • Real-time recommendations
  • Narrative explanations and natural language generation 
  • Predictive and prescriptive analytics
  • Model transparency 

Intelligent Experiences

Engage, collaborate, and act on insights with intelligent analytics. 

  • Proactive alerts and notifications
  • Action framework 
  • Embedded in business applications
  • Integrated with workflow automation tools 
  • Mobile-friendly
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