Code Enforcement.

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Incapuslate is fostering clean, healthy, safe, vibrant communities with our Code Case Management System. Our Code Enforcement solution helps government agencies view all case data and related interactions in a searchable, secure platform. Built on Salesforce our Code Enforcement solution integrates critical data from multiple systems into a single location. With a 360 degree view of every case, code agents can effectively streamline and manage resolution workflows. Constituents have the ability to self-serve, finding answers they need without ever having to pick up the phone.



Ability to launch in weeks


Drive rapid innovation 

Digital on the spot capture

No code / low code configuration


Single Platform Delivers Value for Customers and Employees

Integrate to create a single view 

Reduce risk 

Support proactive service requests


Agile Platform 

Tools that work together across business domains 

Tracks and stores critical historical data 

Connected to one CRM for a unified view of the customer

Built to support thriving communities with a platform for fast and secure digital service 

Transform how you meet your mission with digital solutions 

Elevate the customer experience and focus on your mission with quick to deploy and intuitive digital solutions.

Implement solutions faster with pre-built applications 

Use applications designed to address the specific needs

of the public sector to launch in days not months. 

Meet the unique requirements of government 

Extend the platform to support mission critical processes

and government services through a robust partner ecosystem.

Get a 360 degree view of your customers

Integrate data from multiple systems to gain a deeper

understanding of constituents and their needs. 

Modernize government IT in the cloud 

Empower employees with a flexible platform that provides digital,

mobile omnichannel, AI and analytical capabilities. 

Code Enforcement

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At Incapsulate we recognized the need for a comprehensive digital software solution in order to transform Code Compliance services to the public and provide relevant information regarding workloads and staff performance. Existing systems and procedures inhibited the effectiveness of local government efforts. Incapsulate is focused on enhancing that level of service, simplifying and streamlining the process, leveraging modern technology in the field, and ensuring consistency and transparency throughout the compliance lifecycle.

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Dilshad Albert