Data Cloud.

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Embrace the cloud revolution! Whether you're accessing apps, running services, or securely storing your data, it's all happening effortlessly in the cloud. This digital realm allows businesses to operate reliably, anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Get to know the #1 solution for audience discovery, data acquisition, and data provisioning. Dive into the world's most trusted premium data ecosystem and unlock a seamless experience that takes your digital journey to new heights!



Ability to launch in weeks

Customizes and scales for any size company 

No code / low code configuration


Single Platform Delivers Value for Customers and Employees

Instant scalability

Maintenance free


Agile Platform 


Access anywhere

Better security


Discover high-quality audiences at scale.

Find unique new audiences 

Unearth deep insights about existing and potential targets with advanced audience discovery tools 

Create new partnerships 

Find and activate data partnerships with the most premium data providers. Get exclusive custom audiences, unavailable elsewhere. 

Streamline your tool-set

With a user-friendly interface, the preview provider overlaps in a single view that any media planner or analyst can use. 

Activate your data without limits

Reach new prospects with ease using seamless integration into over 200 activation channels. 

Protect your data and provision it at scale to trusted partners with data governance. 

Take control with provisioning tools 

Provisioning tools powered by real data rights management, giving you complete control.

Get transparent reporting 

Take command of your data strategy with easy-to-use reporting and management tools.

Comply with new regulations

Use consumer rights management framework for privacy-safe data sharing. 

Monetise your data with full transparency and control. 

Increase demand for your data.

Expose your premium audience to the world’s largest enterprise marketers 

Maximise your data’s value.

Get the tools you need to share your data directly - to benefit your business 

Manage your data like a pro.

Have more control over how and with whom you are sharing your data, with granular provisioning tools 

Share data appropriately.

Choose to make your data publicly available, or only do private peer-to-peer data sharing with trusted partners. 

Let us show you the power of cloud computing 

Cloud-Based Sales 

Field sales representatives using cloud-based CRM can get all the information they need from their mobile devices. Contact notes can be updated in real-time so they are always fresh and complete and available to others – no more waiting to get back to the office to type it in. And sales managers know exactly which deals will close and when, from their desktop machines in their offices, or their tablets or phones when they are out and about.


Everything happens without any hardware to buy and manage, or software to install and update. That's because the hardware and software required are the responsibility of the cloud company that runs the app. Incapsulate and Salesforce have years of experience managing the cloud infrastructure and making sure that it's secure and reliable so that you don't have to.


You can even build your own social, mobile and real-time employee apps and run them in the cloud. The latest innovations in cloud computing are making business applications even more mobile and collaborative.

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