Claims Submission, Adjudication and Payment

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Incapsulate's Claims Management solutions, powered by the world's #1 CRM, offer brokers, customers, and service reps the right information when and where they need it. With Salesforce Industries innovations, our solutions bring together front-office CRM applications, portals, and Vlocity's digital-first, no-code middle and back-office process orchestration for insurers.

Connect with agents or service reps on any device or channel, be it mobile, landline, or email. Intelligent task prioritization ensures urgent issues are addressed first, providing a seamless policyholder experience. Plus, our process orchestration gives you end-to-end visibility, enabling real-time status reporting and more effective claims management. Elevate your claims process for cost savings, improved satisfaction, and faster handling times! 





Ability to Launch in Weeks

Manage workflow and validations 

Business process automation & digital signature 

Standardized process across all departments


Single Platform 

Omnichannel policyholder & producer communities

Reporting on a single platform

Connect data and retire old legacy systems


Agile Platform 

Gain insight with real-time dashboards

AI based analytics (fraud detection)

Predictive analysis for continuous operational improvements

Digitally transform your claims process.

Claim Intake
Omni-Channel Intake 
Digitized Claims 
Data Validation
Claim Adjudication
Workflow Orchestration 
Auto Adjudication 
Digital Processing 
Business Rules
Payment Platform Integration 
Payment Approval, Release and Processing 
Status Checks
Fraud Detection
Fraud Analytics and AI Pattern Recognition 
3rd Party Data Provider Integration 
External validations and data check
Unit cost of claims for each type
Cycle time for each activity  
Number of touches 
NIGO Rates
Saves Time & Reduces Missed Steps
Optimized interface for enhanced user experience

Claims Management

A multi-tiered claims process is often powered by a back-end legacy platform. Changes to this environment are costly, time consuming, and provide limited ability to adapt to changing market conditions. Insurance companies look to Incapsulate to digitally transform their claims process. Enabling insurance systems to communicate to each other  provides a seamless and efficient policyholder experience. Systems are able to store, share, and make use of the same data. Data flows from initial collection of information, through underwriting, to policy administration, to claims. This reduces cost, complexity, and opportunity for errors.


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At Incapsulate, we bring a unique mix of industry expertise, innovation and Salesforce experience to our clients. With a portfolio of former industry executives and innovative vertical specific assets built on Salesforce, we design and deploy flexible systems for today’s business needs and the future evolution of your business and the future evolution of your business. Delivering in our Agile Methodology we help clients meet their challenges with speed while lowering risk.