Grants Management

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Grants Management improves your grantee experience with a branded grantee portal that makes it easy to find and apply for grants, receive status notifications and disbursement amounts, and report outcomes.

With our Grants Management solution, grantmakers have a single system built off of the world’s #1 CRM to simplify and accelerate grantmaking while facilitating greater collaboration between giver and recipient.

Finding and applying for funding can be tedious for grantseekers and grantmakers are often bogged down by outdated processes. Taking their time away from delivering vital services to the community. Make it easy for grantees to find and apply for grants, view application status, and submit ongoing progress reports with a grantee portal that is quick to set up.

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Ability to launch live citizen intake within weeks 

Manage grants quickly with faster results

Automated grant approval 

Available to grant recipients via web portal


 Individual and Business Grant Applications and Dashboard for Oversight

Standardized process across all grant programs

Reporting on a single platform

Connect data and retire old legacy systems


Agile Platform that can absorb all economic assistance programs

Gain insight with real-time dashboards

Access live reports anytime

360 degree view of grant lifecycle


Track, manage and deliver funding programs.

Application & Grantee Portal
Apply for new grants, Communicate with staff, and Submit status reports
Reviewer Portal
Access application and provide feedback , Monitor progress, Identify conflicts of interest
Grant Awards / Management
Manage relationships with board members, reviewers, grantees, & partners
Report Tracking
Monitor scheduled grantee status reports & review reports as soon as submitted
Outcomes Measurement
Teams collaborate on expected outcomes, Track outputs, Report on portfolio performance
Payment and Budget Tracking
Set up payment schedules, and Monitor grants and program budgets
Saves Time & Reduces Missed Steps
Optimized interface for enhanced user experience
Additional Flexibility
New application form field that enables admin to select desired flow

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The Incapsulate Grants Management Solution helps Local and Federal government agencies improve the efficiency of managing grants programs and drive greater impact from grant investments. We combine state-of-the-art technology with leading practices based on 13 years of experience helping organizations modernize their grants management programs.

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Grants Management Life Cycle

Consistent, organized grant files with reportable data and streamlined workflows that can help increase productivity as well as improve accountability, consistency, and reliability throughout the grants lifecycle


  • Pre-Award 
    • Develop Request for Application  
    • Route for approval 
    • Receive application forms and data 
    • Review 
    • Track eligibility and application status 
  • Award 
    • Create award documents 
    • Route award document for approval
    • Track award status 
  • Post-Award 
    • Track and record budget revisions 
    • Financial oversight 
    • Activity and task tracking 
  • Closeout 
    • Grant closeout tracking 
    • Track closeout status 
    • Disposition of records
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