Land Management.

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Our Land Management solutions, built with the Clariti and Salesforce platform, enable businesses and government agencies to handle various land use, rights, permitting, and inspections.  Governments of various sizes can choose to leverage us for fully life cycle Land Management or in a phased approach with point solutions.  Digitally transforming how governments and business connect, regarding land parcels, plan reviews, customer engagement, to simplify planning, permitting, licensing, will accelerate the economic productivity of your community.  With our Land Management solution, the user can easily automate workflows associated with building, planning, engineering, permitting, inspections, code enforcement, and other land management activities. 


Our cloud-based, GIS capable solution is easy to use, agile and helps build better communities more cost efficiently through data driven management.


Ability to launch in weeks


Streamline workflow processes and plan reviews 

Improve efficiencies to stay ahead of deadlines

Mitigate risk and create process transparency for all parties


Single Platform Delivers Value for Customers and Employees

Increase community and business satisfaction 

Adapt and scale to changing government regulations

Reduce time spent on administration tasks


Agile Platform 

Real-time access to information  

Strengthen communication and collaboration

Simplify and expedite complex business processes

CRM for Land Management Services 

The Incapsulate Land Management solution is a state of the art technology solution designed for the support of Land Use/Management divisions, programs, and department activities to resolve and manage issues or service requests. Our solution will allow the local government agency to implement a CRM for Land Management quickly and efficiently. 

Service Request Management

  • Agent Console 
  • Configuration Console 
  • Mobile Worker App
  • GIS Map Viewer 
  • Citizen Mobile App 
  • Citizen Web Portal 
  • Open 311 API

Inspector Console 

  • View Applications 
  • View Inspection Orders
  • Complete Inspections 
  • Virtual Inspections 
  • Edit Work Order Line Items 
  • Create Notices 
  • View Corrective Actions
  • Plans 
  • Violations 
  • Certifications 

Supervisor Console

  • Inspection Configuration 
  • Inspection Template 
  • Checklist Administration 
  • Inspection Type Configuration 
  • Inspection Management & Lifecycle

Customer Portal

  • Registration / Login 
  • Schedule Inspections 
  • View Inspections 
  • View Requests 
  • View Work Order 
  • View Permits 

Ask Us for Our Customer Demos 

The Incapsulate Land Management solution built on cloud hosted Salesforce CRM provides a unique package of tools, implemented to meet the latest requirements and provide citizen access to call center staff as well as self-service on the web portal and leveraging a new citizen mobile app.

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