Licensing, Permitting, & Inspections

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Revolutionize your Licensing, Permitting, and Inspections processes effortlessly with Incapsulate and Salesforce Public Sector Solutions.

Whether it's child care facility licensing, food truck permits, or code inspections, Incapsulate has the expertise to make the entire process Fast. Easy. Smart.

We understand the government's need to regulate without hindering economic growth. With our secure, cloud-based tools, we ensure your Licensing, Permitting, or Inspections are streamlined and efficient.

In the post-COVID era, there's a growing demand for digital-first services. We help government agencies meet these expectations, supporting constituents with user-friendly digital solutions. This not only boosts satisfaction but also speeds up the entire process, keeping communities safe and local economies thriving.



Ability to launch quickly and efficiently in weeks

Low Code Application

Regulators can launch their licensing services  

Pre-built way to manage licenses, permits, & inspections


 Single platform delivers value for customers and employees

Processes are defined and automated in the system

Reporting on a single platform

Mobile ready with responsive design built in


Agile Platform

No forced upgrades or risks of breaking existing functionality

Powerful in-app analytics ad machine learning capabilities accelerate improvement efforts

Notifications, callouts to other systems, auto filling data 

Key Capabilities and Benefits

Helping public sector organizations serve constituents at scale by digitizing the licensing and permitting application review and approvals lifecycle. Now applicants can find, submit, and check on status of requests for licensing, permitting, and inspections using a single digital hub. Employees can serve applicants faster than ever, supported by a complete view of applicant data and application pipeline, in real-time.

Ease of use, reduce burden, & increased visibility
Intuitive, accessible information and application tool ensures the permitting process is as straightforward and predictable as possible without duplicating data entry
Lower costs to issue licenses or permits
A simplified process that is more automated means fewer government resources are required to process simple applications so those resources can focus on complex cases and address complaints.
Assessment accuracy achieves central regulatory mission
The ability to determine eligible and compliant applicants for a particular permit is central to the function of a regulator and this is vastly enhanced with an integrated, easy-to-use platform
Global visibility and insights drive better policy
The ability to identify bottlenecks and other opportunities for optimization is anchored in a unified and connected solution

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Accelerate each step by taking a digital-first approach. Guide constituents through application requirements for their business, occupational, or individual needs, so the right application is filled out every time. 

  • Create an online community to support constituent self-service for any license type
  • Help constituents find and complete applications faster with intelligent forms
  • Remove approval bottlenecks with interdepartmental collaboration tools, automated approvals, and instant notifications
  • Get a single view of the application pipeline to project revenue with greater accuracy


The Incapsulate Permitting Capsule helps you get organized, collect permitting revenue quickly, and improve the scheduling of inspections. Incapsulate ensures the process runs smoothly for everyone involved by automating key tasks for planners, reviewers, inspectors and everyone else involved in a project. 

Key features include:

  • Integrated ESRI mapping 
  • Code and ordinance management 
  • Business user modifiable workflows 
  • Fee calculations and mapping 
  • Dynamic checklists 
  • Pre-qualification and application preparation Chatbots 
  • Mobile apps for citizens and businesses


Keep business and resident projects moving forward with a single application to streamline inspections processes. Help inspectors schedule appointments, research codes, collect data, and submit assessments faster than ever before. Increase regulatory compliance by surfacing complaint and violation details for reviewers and applicants so they can quickly take corrective action.

  • Mobile App for Inspection for field workers with complex scheduling 
  • Provide inspectors with visit details such as location, priority, visit time, and navigation instructions
  • Simplify site visits with guided inspection templates
  • Help inspectors access codes, research violations, perform inspections, and upload evidence — all from a mobile device
  • Track code violations and enforce compliance with regulatory standards
  • Issue corrective action plans and guidance to residents and businesses

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