Marketing Cloud.

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Deliver greater customer engagement with the marketing platform built in the World’s #1 CRM. 

Build customer relationships for life with data-first digital marketing. When you power marketing with Incapsulate and Salesforce you can adapt quickly, get to know your customers, humanize every moment, and optimize your impact anywhere. 

With Marketing Cloud, you can plan more quickly, act on insights instantly, and make partners part of the team. 



Ability to launch in weeks

Customizes and scales for any size company 

No code / low code configuration


Single Platform Delivers Value for Customers and Employees

Adapt your campaigns and improve performance

Personalize every moment in the customer journey


Agile Platform 


Know your customers better than ever before

Analyze your impact with data and analytics

Deliver personalized customer engagement at scale.

Know your customers

  • Gain a unified view of your customer by connecting their data across every channel and device
  • Reach new audiences with first-, second-, and third-party data

Personalize their experiences

  • Pair customer data with AI to deliver personalized, connected experiences
  • Listen, interpret, and respond to customer intent

Engage across the entire journey

  • Create two-way, real-time engagement from awareness to advocacy
  • Anticipate and deliver the next best action for every customer
  • Engage customers across the entire journey by connecting marketing, commerce, sales,  service, and more

Analyze your impact

  • Get deep insights across all channels and devices with AI and Google Analytics 360
  • Act on those insights with data-driven, personalized experiences across every stage of your customers’ relationship with your brand

Whether you’re looking for enterprise level email, marketing automation, digital advertising, data management, analytics, or more. 

Put your customer first in your marketing 

Inspire action and loyalty by humanising every moment, for each customer. Power every interaction with AI from ad to account-based marketing, email to eCommerce, social to service, and more.

Get a 360-degree view of every customer

Know your customers and engage them in new ways with relevant messaging by connecting all your data.

Use a fast, flexible, and scalable platform

Move at the speed of your customer with real-time insights and optimise performance with actionable analytics.

Salesforce Stats: 

Here’s why customers are using Marketing Cloud: 

+50% Increase in data sources used by Marketing organizations  

#1 Where marketers rank real-time customer engagement as a priority and a challenge  

9.9x More likely for high performance marketers to create a shared, single view of the customer across their business 

80% Of customers say the experience a company provides is just as important as its products or services.

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