Omni Channel Call Center.

Fast. Easy. Smart.

Our Omni Channel solution, crafted on Salesforce for Customer Service, ensures consistent, personalized experiences across every channel. By centralizing customer and case data, service reps have the info they need to swiftly solve cases.

Not just that, customers can access the same data anytime for answers on their terms. With our Omni Channel solution, call centers can dynamically allocate work to agents in real-time, enabling seamless connections between customers and support staff through multiple channels. Your support agents get an instant, comprehensive view of the person they're assisting. Streamline your service for efficiency and personalized excellence! 



Ability to launch in weeks


Unlock agent productivity

Scale support with self-service 

Deploy digital experience faster


Single Platform Delivers Value for Customers and Employees

Unify every channel, from analog to digital

Reporting on a single platform 

Connect data and retire old legacy systems


Agile Platform 

Complete engagement with customers on any channel 

Consistent service across channels 

Connected to one CRM for a unified view of the customer

Deliver more efficient support 

  • Route work more intelligently 
      • Automatically route cases,  or other work to the most appropriate, available employee. Distribute work based on skill set, availability, or workload. Always be sure high-priority work gets the immediate attention it needs. 

  • Supercharge your agent efficiency 

      • Push cases and conversations from any channel directly into the agent workspace. Give agents one place to talk to customers no matter what channel they use, whether it's messaging, chat, social, email, or voice. 

  • Help service managers manage their entire team 

    • Give your managers a bird’s-eye view of their call center activity, and let them monitor conversations between agents and customers and send helpful messages. Give your agents the ability to raise flags on conversations when they require assistance.

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At Incapsulate, we are focused on making state and local government interactions with residents and businesses more efficient. We create results for agencies and individuals who seek to improve the customer experience. Using Incapsulate’s cloud platform, government agencies can automate and streamline operations to cut costs, meet the ever-changing demand for citizen services, and evolve into a more open, transparent, and collaborative organisation.

Built on Salesforce, we provide the built for local government layer on top of the industry leading CRM platform.

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